“Didn’t Jesus Tell Us We Had to Drink His Blood?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Patrick Madrid has a conversation with Catherine from Florida, about the profound mystery of the Eucharist.

Catherine’s Deep Dive Question:

Catherine asks Patrick why, given Jesus’ words in John 6 about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, we don’t always receive both the host and the Precious Blood at every Mass. She feels there’s something more to understand about this essential teaching.

Patrick’s Personal and Insightful Response:

Scripture’s Hidden Depths 📖:

Patrick explains that some truths in the Bible are clear-cut, while others require deeper understanding.

He uses the example of Jesus’ divinity, which, though not always explicitly stated, is inferred from various biblical texts.

Wisdom from the Church Fathers 🏛️:

Patrick delves into how early theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas help us understand these truths.

They interpreted Jesus’ words and the biblical context to teach that receiving just the host or just the cup gives us all of Jesus—body, blood, soul, and divinity.

Scriptural Basis 🕊️:

He points to 1 Corinthians 11:26, which indicates that profaning either the bread or the cup is equally grave, showing both contain the fullness of Christ.

Historical Context ⛪:

Patrick reassures Catherine that the Mass has always included both bread and wine, just like at the Last Supper.

He explains that Jesus is fully present in either form due to the consecration, transforming bread and wine into His body and blood.

The Beauty of Church Teachings ✨:

During Mass, when the host is consecrated, it becomes fully Christ—body, blood, soul, and divinity. The same happens with the wine.

Practical Reasons 🤔:

Historically, the Church limited laypeople to the host to avoid misunderstandings and to emphasize that either form contains all of Jesus.

Receiving one form is not incomplete; it’s receiving Jesus fully.

Patrick’s Heartfelt Book Recommendation 📚:

Patrick suggests “The Hidden Manna” for a deeper look into the theology of the Eucharist. It’s a book that explores biblical teachings, the wisdom of Church Fathers, and more, helping to clarify and deepen one’s faith.

A Final Thought:

We’re reminded that the Eucharist is a profound mystery, a divine gift where we receive all of Jesus—body, blood, soul, and divinity. Whether through the host or the Precious Blood, Christ’s presence is complete. 🙏✨



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