Back for an encore, it’s Pier Giorgio Frassati!

Alongside Carlo Acutis, the saint featured this week on “The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage” is going to be canonized in 2025!

Pier Giorgio Frassati lived a short life dedicated to the poor in Turin, Italy. Born on Holy Saturday in 1901, his mother was painter, and his father a printer. He had one sister, but it’s clear that he considered everyone he encountered his family. In a story of his childhood, he met a beggar at his door whose son was shoeless – so young Pier took off his own shoes and gave them to the little boy!

Frassati was a third-order Dominican who was well-liked, wealthy, dedicated to activism and passionate about mountaineering and practical jokes (becoming known as a “Terror” among his family and friends). You might have heard his catch phrase for climbing mountains, and for his spiritual life: “Verso l’alto!” (“To the heights!”)

Climb the great slope of his adventurous and powerful life with the re-release of his series on Monday, July 1st at You’ll be just in time to celebrate his feast day on July 4th.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, pray for us!