“What Can I Do if the Traditional Latin Mass is Taken Away?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

🌟 When Storms Hit: Trust in the Captain! 🚤✨

In this episode of The Patrick Madrid Show, Patrick addresses a heartfelt dilemma from a devout Catholic listener. She’s torn between her love for the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) and her discomfort with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) community near her. All of the division makes her feel saddened and confused. For more background on what led to the SSPX, check out this full clip.

🌿 Listener’s Dilemma:

Raised Catholic: Deeply committed to her faith.

SSPX Parish Nearby: Feels uneasy about their stances.

Love for TLM: Finds the Traditional Latin Mass profoundly beautiful.

Valid Mass: Believes the new Mass is valid and respects those who attend it.

🧐 Patrick’s Insights:

Affirming Validity: The new Mass is valid. Even SSPX adherents should recognize this, despite their criticisms.

Current Restrictions: Acknowledge the restrictions on TLM but maintain peace and trust in Jesus.

Biblical Wisdom: Patrick draws a parallel with Mark 4:35-41, where Jesus calms the storm while the apostles panic.

🛶 Advice for the Journey:

Stay Calm: Don’t let the fear overwhelm your faith.

Trust in Jesus: He guides the Church through all storms.

Remain Loyal: Stay faithful to the Church and avoid fringe groups.

Pray and Hope: Things will improve with time.

📖 Reflection Passage:

Mark 4:35-41: Reflect on Jesus calming the storm and trust in His leadership through turbulent times.

🎶 Inspiring Hymn:

Stabat Mater Dolorosa: A beautiful reminder of standing faithfully at the foot of the cross, just like Our Lady.  It’s a wonderful hymn to prayerfully contemplate and might give you chills.

🙏 Final Encouragement:

Stay the course, remain Catholic, and trust in Jesus. Remember, this is His Church, and He will guide it safely through every storm.


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