From Party Boy to Priesthood (Special Podcast Highlight)

If you’re praying for your children to come back to the faith, never stop! Who knows… they could one day become a priest!


On a recent Morning Air podcast, John Morales had a chat with Fr. Mac Hill, sharing his inspiring conversion story. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Fr. Mac grew up in a solid Catholic family but veered off course during his high school and college days.


High School & College:


Fr. Mac was your typical high school jock, more into his reputation and partying than his faith.


He went to the University of Florida, diving headfirst into the college party scene. But instead of fun, it left him feeling empty and lost.


The Wake-Up Call:


Things hit rock bottom the night before spring break when he was drunk and crashed his truck, which ended him in jail.


In his cell, he had a massive epiphany, realizing he was on a dangerous path and desperately reached out to God.


Reconnecting with Faith:


A twist of fate: just before his arrest, an old classmate invited him to a Bible study. After his release, he went and discovered a group of passionate, faith-filled college students.


This kickstarted his journey back to faith, with a heartfelt confession and a deep experience of God’s mercy, “turning his shame into a hunger for the Eucharist.”


The Big Decision:


Initially, Fr. Mac brushed off thoughts of becoming a priest, even dating his “dream girl” while figuring things out.


But through prayer and a consecration to Jesus through Mary, he found peace and clarity about his calling.


He entered St. John Vianney College Seminary in 2014 and was ordained on May 15, 2021.



Life as Fr. Mac:


Now, he’s the parochial vicar at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, loving every day as a new adventure with the Lord, full of joy and peace.


Fr. Mac’s journey from wild party nights to a devoted priest shows just how powerful God’s grace can be. It’s a reminder that no matter how far we stray, it’s never too late to turn back and find true peace and purpose. 

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