Has Science Debunked the Gay Gene Myth? (Trending with Timmerie)


🎙️ Trending with Timmerie is back with a hot topic: There’s no such thing as a gay gene!

🧬 Science to the Rescue: Back in 2019, a big-deal study in the journal Science put the nail in the coffin on the gay gene myth. Yep, 20 researchers came together and said, “Nope, you can’t be born gay.” They found out that genetics don’t control who you’re attracted to. It’s all about your environment – family, friends, upbringing – those are the real game-changers.

Timmerie’s Friends: Timmerie shared stories about two of her childhood friends who came out as gay later in life. It was heartbreaking for her to witness this. She saw their identities shift and felt it was more about losing touch with themselves and their natural attractions rather than being born that way.

🧠 Nature vs. Nurture: The study showed that environmental factors have double the impact on sexual orientation compared to genetics. So, it’s not nature – it’s nurture! Everything from your diet to your neighborhood shapes who you are.

📜 What the Church Says: The Catholic Church has always believed that we’re free to make our own choices. The idea of a gay gene goes against this belief. We’re made to love freely, using our intellect and free will.

❤️ Change is Possible: People can and do change. Many who once identified as gay now live heterosexual lives, showing that transformation is real. Faith and love play a huge part in this journey.

🔎 Surprising Stats: Did you know more people in the U.S. and UK identify as “formerly gay” than currently gay? Crazy, right? This shows that a lot of people are finding new paths that align more with their faith and natural law.

The Takeaway: Timmerie wants us to remember that our environment and our choices shape us. We have the freedom to change and grow, especially with the support of our faith. Let’s embrace the truth about human freedom and God’s plan for love and sexuality.


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