“How Can I Better Live in the Moment?” (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Do you find anxiety, worry, distraction, or regret about the past taking over your life? God wants you to be free from these burdens, and He wants you to find peace in the present moment.

If you need some divine guidance on how to live in the present, today’s podcast of The Inner Life with Patrick Conley is going to be providential. You can get the entire episode here!

Patrick Conley speaks with Fr. Matthew Widder about the spiritual practice of living in the moment. Fr. Matthew emphasizes that the present moment is where we encounter God, reminding us of the powerful words in the Hail Mary: “pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”

“These are the only two moments that truly matter—the now and our final perseverance.” -Fr. Matthew 

Father shares valuable insights on how to stay focused amidst the chaos of modern life. This mindfulness helps anchor us in God’s presence. Even Jesus, amidst the storm, found peace—an example for us to find our inner calm despite external distractions. 🌊✝️

He also offers practical tips for being fully present, especially when interacting with others. Imagine you’re at a party, chatting with someone, but your mind is elsewhere. Fr. Matthew encourages us to see every person as created in God’s image and give them our full attention, asking ourselves, “What does God want from me in this moment?”

Listeners chime in with their own experiences and tips. Thomas from Providence suggests scheduling activities to free up mental space. Brenda shares a beautiful analogy of how a mother’s attentiveness to her child and the excitement of falling in love can mirror our relationship with God. 🕰️

This episode is a beautiful reminder to find peace and purpose in the present moment, guided by God’s will. 🌟🕊️

Don’t give up, and let every moment be a new chance to begin again! 

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Jake Moore serves as a Digital Audio Content Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is passionate about classic movies, Christian music, young adult ministry, and leading this generation to Christ through compelling media. You can listen to more of his podcasts at relevantradio.com and on the Relevant Radio® app.