Is Heaven a Physical Place? (Special Podcast Highlight)

How often do you think about heaven? How do you picture it? Does it fill you with immense peace?


John Morales has a heavenly discussion with Fr. Jerome Koutnik, exploring the nature of heaven. Spoiler alert: it’s not the soda-fountain-in-the-clouds you might have imagined as a kid! 


A Spiritual Dimension Fr. Jerome helps us understand that heaven isn’t a physical location. Instead, it’s a transcendent reality. St. Paul hints at this in 1 Corinthians 2:9, describing heaven as something beyond our wildest dreams.


Jesus’ Ascension: A Physical Event with a Spiritual Meaning When Jesus ascended, it wasn’t about reaching a physical “place” but symbolizing a higher, glorified existence. He rose to confirm the apostles’ faith, showing that His presence isn’t confined to physical realms.


Heavenly Presence: Beyond Time and Space Fr. Jerome emphasizes that while heaven isn’t a physical place, Jesus’ risen body and the bodies of Mary and St. Joseph are present there in a glorified form. They move beyond physical constraints, embodying a spiritual reality that transcends our earthly understanding.


Mass: A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth Fr. Jerome beautifully connects this concept to the Mass. It’s not just a local gathering; it’s a mystical participation in the eternal, heavenly liturgy. Through the Eucharist, heaven and earth unite, making every Mass a step into the divine.


Heaven: In the Heart of Christ For those still wondering, “Where is heaven?” Fr. Jerome poetically concludes: heaven is in the heart of Christ. It’s a place of eternal love and mercy, where we’re invited to dwell forever. 


Are you living for heaven now on Earth? 


Key Takeaways:


Heaven isn’t a physical place: It’s a transcendent reality.


Jesus’ ascension: Symbolic of moving to a glorified existence.


Presence in heaven: Not bound by physical limitations.


Mass: A mystical participation in the heavenly liturgy.

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