The Inner Life – June 26, 2024 – Redemptive Suffering

Father Carter Griffin joins Patrick to discuss Redemptive Suffering

  • (5:48) When should we avoid suffering and when should we embrace suffering?
  • How can Job and the Psalms teach us to suffer?
  • (19:23) Lilly – I have a sister suffering from cancer, she is away from the Church.  As a part of the Body of Christ, could I place her suffering during communion time, for her suffering to be meritorious.

(22:04) Break 1

  • Mary – I’ve been offering suffering for my son and grandchildren, anything I could do. Grandchildren taken away from our son.  She was given 80% custody, and now they’re near 18 years old.  My suffering has been watching our son go through this.  Kids being turned against their father me.
  • (26:38) How do we understand a God with suffering in our world?
  • Lina – Praying for somebody and didn’t think it was not working.  I saw an older brother berating a little kid.  I started praying for him for months.  So felt like my prayers worked for the little kid as he was doing better.
  • Addie – I suffered from post pulmonary embolism; I’m in my 20s and I get down from that suffering.   When I was suffering a couple months ago, it’s been hard for me to understand why this is happening.

(39:16) Break 2

  • Jo – If you are suffering and pray and go to mass, but you don’t say to God, ‘I’m offering this up’, does it still get offered.
  • (43:11) Janet – How do we still pray for healing, and while we’re praying, how to offer it up still?  Sounds like a dichotomy?
  • Cecilia – In Latino culture, people say that if you are suffering, you committed a grave sin.  What could I say to someone who says that?
Patrick Conley was born, raised, and baptized in Wisconsin in a Protestant tradition. After meeting his wife, Kendra, through an Evangelical ministry at the University of Minnesota, they entered the Catholic Church in 2010. They listened to Relevant Radio, specifically The Inner Life, while preparing to enter the Church. Conley now holds a degree in theology from Oxford University and has served the Church in both academic theology and grassroots pastoral ministry. Conley teaches religion classes in a Catholic elementary school, serves as his parish Director of Religious Education, and is in formation for the permanent diaconate. He also hosts Practicing Catholic on Relevant Radio, exclusive to the Minneapolis area’s airwaves, and is a traveling presenter for the Catherine of Siena Institute apostolate. He lives in rural Wisconsin with his wife and their bulldogs, Georgie and Bingley.