The Lies of Gender-Affirming Care (Special Podcast Highlight)

In a recent episode of Morning Air, John Morales explores the topic of transgender surgeries for minors, featuring invaluable insights from Mary Rice Hasson, an attorney and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. They talk about the controversial practices at Boston Children’s Hospital and the lies of gender-affirming care.


The Issue at Hand:

Boston Children’s Hospital has been under scrutiny for performing sex-change surgeries on minors, despite media claims to the contrary. Publicly available documents confirm that procedures such as gender-affirming hysterectomies are indeed being performed on children. 


Mary Rice Hasson’s Perspective:

Mary Rice Hasson highlights the underlying problem: the belief that gender identity can and should be altered to match a person’s feelings, rather than accepting the biological reality of being male or female. Simply because you feel a certain way doesn’t mean you are that way. Our culture puts way too much emphasis on feelings, and not enough on realty.


 The Bigger Picture:

This issue has gained momentum over the past decade, with the Biden administration pushing gender identity policies in schools and healthcare. Don’t lose hope thinking you’re alone in promoting the truth, though. You should be encouraged to know that many people are taking a stand, especially Catholics. 


Key Points from the Discussion:


Medical and Ethical Concerns:


Many hospitals, including Boston Children’s, perform irreversible surgeries on minors, often leading to sterilization.


These practices are criticized as exploiting vulnerable young people for profit, without addressing underlying mental health issues. These hospitals are in it for themselves, not for your children. 


Cultural Impact:


The propagation of gender identity ideology has led to increased confusion and pressure on children and parents.


Mary Rice Hasson says that true affirmation should be based on accepting one’s biological sex as a gift from God, rather than altering the body.


Parental Challenges:


Parents often face emotional blackmail, being told their child’s life depends on transitioning. They face so much pressure to go along with what their kids want because they’re afraid their children will do something drastic to harm themselves.


There is a critical need for parents to have open, honest conversations with their children about their feelings and the reality of their bodies.


Final Thoughts:


Mary Rice Hasson encourages Catholics and all people to speak up against these practices and to educate themselves and others about the truth of human sexuality. Emphasizing the teachings of the Church, she calls for a return to recognizing the inherent dignity and unchangeable nature of being created male or female. 


Let’s keep this conversation going and ensure that the truth about our human identity is upheld and protected. 

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