“What More Can I Do for God?” (Father Simon Says)

Fr. Richard Simon breaks down what Jesus really meant by fulfilling the law in Matthew 5:17. Let’s look at his insights:

📜 Not Scrapping the Rules, But Completing Them 📜

“Don’t think that I’ve come to abolish the law or the prophets; I haven’t come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

Some folks think this means sticking to old rules like not eating pork or worshipping on Saturdays. Fr. Simon clears it up:

Sabbath and Worship: Jews mark the Sabbath (Saturday) with rest, not just worship. For Catholics, Sunday is a must-go-to-church day, but we should aim to worship every day.

📚 Three Types of Laws 📚

Fr. Simon explains three kinds of laws in the Bible:

Judgments: Moral rules like “Don’t kill.”

Testimonies: Liturgical laws reminding us of God’s actions, similar to how Easter celebrates the Resurrection.

Statutes: Various rules (like not mixing fabrics) that kept Israel different from other nations.

✝️ Jesus and the Cross: The Big Picture ✝️

Fr. Simon believes that Jesus was pointing to His crucifixion when He talked about fulfilling the law:

Cross as Testimony: Shows God’s immense love.

Ultimate Commandment: Jesus’ sacrifice—”Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Fulfillment of Statutes: The Cross sets Christians apart, like those old rules set Israel apart.

🌟 Living the Commandments to the Max 🌟

Jesus wants us to do more than just follow the rules:

  • Go Beyond Avoidance: Fr. Simon explains that “it’s not enough to avoid adultery; we should build a loving, close relationship with our spouse.”
  • Be Generous and Life-Giving: “Don’t just avoid stealing; be generous. Don’t just avoid killing; promote life.”

Fr. Simon emphasizes that fulfilling the law is about actively honoring God.

🎉 The Big Takeaway 🎉

Fulfilling the law isn’t about doing the bare minimum. It’s about going all in for God and living out His commandments fully. Let’s embrace the whole Bible and live our faith with enthusiasm! 🙌✨


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