Women Might Be Able to Sell Their Babies (Trending with Timmerie)

You need to hear this eye-opening episode of Trending with Timmerie where she talked to Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse from the Ruth Institute. The topic? A new bill in Massachusetts that could allow women to sell their babies before they’re even born. 😱 Let’s dive into the details together.

💔 Parental “Equality” or Ethical Nightmare?

Dr. Morse explained that this bill, under the guise of promoting parental equality, would let women make contracts to sell their unborn children. If the contract is signed while the woman is still pregnant, it’s considered a surrogacy arrangement. But if done after birth, it’s classified as illegal baby selling. This loophole is deeply troubling.

🚨 Surrogacy: The Slippery Slope

We already know surrogacy in the U.S. is lightly regulated, especially in places like Southern California. This bill would take things further, turning pregnancy into a potential commercial transaction. Imagine unborn children being treated as commodities—this goes against everything we believe about the sanctity of life.

💔 The Ethical Quagmire

Dr. Morse highlighted the disturbing contradiction in the fertility industry: on one hand, people desperately want a baby and see embryos as precious; on the other, any “excess” embryos are often discarded as medical waste. This bill only intensifies the commodification of children, making them mere objects to be bought and sold.

📈 The Rise of Infertility and Its Implications

With infertility rates climbing, it’s predicted that by 2050, most people will need medical help to conceive. This has made surrogacy and IVF more common, often glamorized on social media. But behind the scenes, this trend reduces children to status symbols, akin to luxury items like designer handbags or cars.

🚨 Redefining Parenthood: A Dangerous Precedent

This bill also changes what it means to be a parent. Instead of recognizing the natural, biological bond, it shifts parenthood to something defined by the state through contracts. This could lead to more government control over family life, moving us away from recognizing the natural, God-given relationships between parents and children.

📢 Call to Action

We need to stand up against this bill and protect the sanctity of life. Every child is a unique and unrepeatable gift from God, not a commodity to be bought and sold. If you live in Massachusetts or know someone who does, spread the word and urge your policymakers to reject this dangerous legislation.

🌟 Remember: Every child is a unique and unrepeatable gift from God. Let’s protect that sacred gift. 🌟



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