“How Do I Deal with Distractions in Adoration?” (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Do you struggle with distractions when you’re sitting in front of Jesus in an adoration chapel? You’re certainly not alone.

In an episode of The Inner Life, host Patrick Conley and spiritual director Fr. Eric Nielsen talk with Bobbi from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who shares her struggles with distractions during Eucharistic Adoration. 📿✨

Bobbi’s Story: Bobbi loves Eucharistic Adoration deeply, committing to regular hours, including late-night shifts at her beautiful chapel. But amidst this devotion, she battles a flood of distractions, feeling envious of others who seem to be lost in prayerful rapture. 😓

Father Eric’s Gentle Wisdom: Fr. Eric offers comforting advice, reminding Bobbi and all listeners that distractions are a natural part of the spiritual journey. It’s a part of being human!

Practical and Personal Tips:

Embrace the Struggle: Acknowledge that distraction is a universal challenge. Even saints like Padre Pio faced it!

Use Spiritual Aids: Bring a favorite spiritual book or holy cards with short passages. Fr. Eric suggests writings from St. Josemaria, Mother Teresa, or St. Faustina’s diary.

Gentle Reorientation: When distracted, say, “Jesus, I’m sorry, I love you,” then read a short passage to refocus.

Baby Steps: Start with short, focused periods of prayer and gradually increase the time. 📖🙏

A Word of Hope: Fr. Eric encourages persistence, sharing that with time and effort, Bobbi will experience longer moments of undistracted prayer. He’s confident that her tears and genuine desire will lead to grace-filled progress. 🌟

Even in our distractions, we are on a path to deeper communion with the Lord.

Want to hear more about Eucharistic Adoration? Check out the whole episode! 



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