10 Medical Lies That Could Be Making You Sicker (Special Podcast Highlight)

Do you or someone you love struggle with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or cancer? This episode is a must-listen!


🚨 John Morales has a fascinating conversation with Dr. Robert Lufkin, a leading expert in metabolic health and longevity. He’s here to spill the beans on his eye-opening book, “Lies I Taught in Medical School.” 🚨


What to Know:


Dr. Lufkin’s Personal Journey: Despite being a respected medical insider with a career as a professor at UCLA and USC, Dr. Lufkin faced a health crisis. Diagnosed with four chronic diseases, he was frustrated by the conventional treatments. He took matters into his own hands, dove into research, and reversed his conditions by addressing the root causes.


Dr. Lufkin sets the record straight. Hear his explanation on these important points:


Metabolism: It’s more than just digesting food.


Obesity: “Exercise more and eat less” is NOT the solution.


Diabetes: Sugar is more harmful than just causing weight gain and tooth decay.


Fatty Liver: There is indeed a treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Hypertension: Drugs aren’t the best solution.


Cardiovascular Disease: Statins are not the ultimate answer.


Cancer: It’s not just about DNA damage.


Alzheimer’s: It’s not an untreatable, progressive disease.


Mental Health: Metabolism has a profound effect on mental health.


Longevity: Aging isn’t just wear and tear.



Common Metabolic Root Causes: Chronic diseases share common drivers like inflammation, oxidation, and insulin resistance. Addressing these can drastically improve health outcomes.


Obesity Myth Busted:


Exercise alone isn’t effective for weight loss.


Not all calories are equal; carbs stimulate insulin, leading to fat storage, unlike proteins and fats.


Dr. Lufkin’s journey and personal triumph over chronic illnesses is a testament to his practical, research-based insights. His message is clear: You don’t have to accept your diagnosis as a life sentence. There are ways to fight back and reclaim your health!


📘 Where to Find the Book:


“Lies I Taught in Medical School” is available at your favorite book destination. For a sneak peek, check out his website where you can download a free chapter. 

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