“How Do I Forgive Infidelity in My Marriage?” (Marriage Unhindered)

🎙️ Marriage Unhindered brings us an episode that might hit close to home for you or someone you know. Doug Hinderer chats with Alex from Texas, who’s facing the tough challenge of forgiving his wife’s infidelity. Here’s a recap of their conversation.

Caller Alex: “Hi, Doug. I’m Alex from Texas. I’m struggling to forgive my wife for cheating on me.”

Doug Hinderer: “Hey Alex, I’m really sorry you’re dealing with this. How long have you and your wife been together?”

Alex: “We’ve been married for six and a half years. We have a four-year-old son.”

Doug: “So, what led to this, Alex?”

Alex: “I’m a firefighter. She felt I wasn’t there for her because of my job. She was really lonely.”

Doug listens with compassion, understanding the depth of Alex’s pain. He explains that infidelity is both a problem and a symptom of underlying issues. Doug shares that the journey to healing involves:

Understanding the root causes: What was missing in your relationship that made your wife feel so lonely?

Getting professional help: A counselor can help you both navigate these intense emotions.

Open and honest conversations: Talking about what happened and why is crucial for rebuilding trust.

Doug encourages Alex to view this painful experience as an opportunity to address and fix the deeper issues in their marriage. He reassures Alex that many couples come out of such trials with a stronger, more loving relationship.

💬 Final Thoughts:

Healing from infidelity is a challenging journey, but with faith, professional support, and heartfelt effort, forgiveness and a renewed sense of love are possible. ✨ Keep believing in the power of commitment. Christ can work all things for good, even the darkest of situations.


Check out the whole hour on forgiveness here!


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