The Four Types of Love (Marriage Unhindered)

💞 What is Love? Love. It’s that elusive, magical feeling that’s hard to define but easy to recognize. You know it when you feel it, right? Doug Hinderer dives into this complex emotion, breaking it down using C.S. Lewis’s insights and ancient Greek philosophy to explain the four types of love that build a strong, enduring marriage. Let’s explore this journey together! 🌟

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Philia (Friendship Love)

Philia is all about deep, genuine friendship. Think of it as the backbone of your marriage, where common interests and mutual respect reign supreme.

Key Points:

Sharing common interests strengthens your bond. But hey, it’s also cool to have some solo hobbies.

Emotional safety is crucial. Your spouse should be your go-to person, your safe harbor.

It’s about seeing the good in each other and nurturing it, just like how Christ’s goodness draws us in.

Philia in marriage means laughing at inside jokes, supporting each other’s dreams, and knowing you’re accepted just the way you are. 💖

Storge (Affectionate Love)

Storge is affectionate love, the kind you see when a mother cradles her newborn. In marriage, it’s about the everyday acts of kindness that make your partner feel cherished. 🤗

Key Points:

Little acts of service and understanding show your love daily.

This love thrives in the everyday moments—comfort, reliability, and gentle care.

Small gestures, like an unexpected hug or a loving glance, are gold.

Storge is when your partner makes your coffee just the way you like it, or when you hold hands during a tough time. It’s the quiet, constant presence that says, “I’m here for you.” ☕

Eros (Romantic Love)

Eros is that head-over-heels, can’t-stop-thinking-about-you kind of love. It’s the butterflies in your stomach and the spark that sets your heart racing. 🌹

Key Points:

Eros ignites intense emotions and a desire for closeness and intimacy.

It’s exhilarating and consuming but should lead to deeper, more selfless love.

Keep the spark alive with physical affection—hugs, kisses, and snuggling.

Remember the excitement of your first date? Eros is what drew you together, and maintaining that passion, even in small ways, keeps the fire burning.

Agape (Unconditional Love)

Agape is the most profound, unconditional love. It’s selfless and sacrificial, mirroring God’s love for us. This is the love you vowed on your wedding day. 💒

Key Points:

Unconditional, even when it’s tough. This love endures through every challenge.

Involves a total gift of self, affirming each other’s worth and uniqueness.

Living for each other brings true happiness and fulfillment.

Agape is waking up every day and choosing to love, even when it’s hard. It’s the love that gives life its deepest meaning. 💌


Each type of love—philia, storge, eros, and agape—plays a vital role in a vibrant, lasting marriage. Together, they create a beautiful tapestry of connection, support, passion, and unwavering commitment. Embrace each love and build a marriage that not only survives but thrives. 💍

Remember: “Life only takes on meaning when it is lived for another.”

– St. John Paul II

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