Was America Meant to be a Christian Nation? (The Drew Mariani Show)

Drew Mariani sits down with Dr. Susan Hanssen from the University of Dallas to explore the role of God’s providence in the founding of America. ✨You’ll be amazed by what you learn. You’re not going to hear it anywhere else! Trust us.

🌟 Charles Carroll: The Bold Catholic Signer Dr. Hanssen shares the intriguing story of Charles Carroll, the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. Despite the anti-Catholic sentiments in the colonies, Carroll’s presence proved the new nation’s commitment to religious freedom. 🖋️✝️

🕊️ A Nation Guided by Faith The Founding Fathers, coming from various Protestant backgrounds, all believed in an active, involved God. The Declaration of Independence mentions God in several ways—Nature’s God, the Creator, Providence, and the Supreme Judge of the world—showing their Christian understanding of divine guidance in human affairs. 🌍🙏

President Washington’s Deep Faith President George Washington often referred to God as Providence. He showed deep faith and humility, frequently using phrases like “under God” or “God willing.” Dr. Hanssen even mentions stories of Washington praying at Valley Forge; he clearly had a belief in divine guidance.

📜 Founders’ Vision vs. Modern Myths Contrary to some modern claims that Founding Fathers like Washington, Jefferson, and Adams were deists, their writings reflect a belief in a Christian God. The line from the Declaration, “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” is a clear nod to their faith. 📖

⚖️ Church and State: What Happened? The conversation takes a turn to discuss how the relationship between church and state has evolved. Dr. Hanssen explains the impact of the 1947 Everson case, which introduced the idea of a “wall of separation.” This concept was not part of the original founding documents, which intended to protect religious freedom, not push it out of public life. 🏛️🕊️

🌟 Bringing Back Faith and Family Dr. Hanssen stresses the need to strengthen personal virtue, support Christian education, and promote values of the American founding. Resisting harmful ideologies and maintaining strong family ties are crucial. 💪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🙏 The Path Forward To keep America a beacon of freedom and faith, nurturing spirituality and upholding the Founders’ values is essential. Dr. Hanssen’s bold suggestion: “#DefundTheUniversities” and invest in Christian institutions that cherish and teach these principles. 🎓📚

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