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Daybreak™ is a fresh, upbeat approach to morning prayer and devotions. Host Paul Sadek offers daily spiritual reflections to assist you as your day begins, including the Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, a teaching from the Holy Father, and more. The program also features readings from the series In Conversation With God by author Francis Fernandez-Carvajal, which makes generous use of the writings of our great saints.  These daily meditations on themes taken from the Mass readings for that day and the liturgical season will give listeners an inspirational start to their day.






The English translation of Antiphons, Invitatories, Responsories, Intercessions, Psalm 95, the Canticle of the Lamb, Psalm Prayers, Non-Biblical Readings from The Liturgy of the Hours © 1973, 1974, 1975, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation (ICEL); the English translation of Collects, Penitential Rite from The Roman Missal © 2010, ICEL. All rights reserved.

Psalm texts except Psalm 95 from The Psalms: A New Translation © The Grail (England), 1963. The Complete Psalms first published in 1963 by and available through Wm. Collins Sons & Co., Limited in North America through the Paulist Press Inc. and Collins + World.

English translations of Gloria Patri (Doxology), Te Deum, Benedictus, Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis © 1988 English Language Liturgical Consultation (ELLC). Used by permission. 

Morning Air®

Morning Air®

Mon - Sat 7-11am ET/6-10am CT

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Friday, Oct 21

Fr. Andrew Small - Mission Month

Brian Gibson - Pro-Life Actions Ministries vs the University of Minnesota

Deacon Steven Greydanus - Decent Film Reviews

Deacon Michael Rennier - Don't Wait to Tell Others What They Mean to You

Fr. Gerry Murray - Pope Francis and the Gospel of the Day

Thomas Tighe - 5 Ways to Evangelize, Without Seeming to

Jim Otremba - Teens and Technology

Msgr. Daniel Mueggenborg - A Look Ahead to Sunday's Gospel Reading

Antonio Quintana - Saxum Foundation


Thursday, Oct 20

Chris Nyman - Baseball, Faith, and Catholic Homeschooling

Msgr. James Shea - Corporal Works of Mercy

Fr. Jim Sichko - God's Providence

Bill Ulivieri - The Debates, the Economy and Investing

Matthew Bunson - A Catholic Look at the 3rd Presidential Debate

Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo - Adult Formation

Leila Miller - How Moms Can Raise Boys to Become Great Catholic Men

Jason Adkins - A Catholic Look at the 3rd Presidential Debate

Stacy Trasancos - Particles of Faith: A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science


Wednesday, Oct 19

Lisa Mladinich - The Spirituality of Humor

Ashley Noronha - News From Rome

Marge Fenelon - All Generations Must Call Mary Blessed

Fr. Marcel Taillon - Pope Francis and the Gospel of the Day

Dave Durand - Success and Leadership

Dr. Tracey Wilen - Seasonal Hiring

Fr. Tad Pacholczyk - Faith and Science: Doctor-Prescribed Suicide


Tuesday, Oct. 18

Jason Craig - How Family Ministry Can Save Youth Ministry From Itself

Tom Wall - All Souls to Heaven

Leo Battenhausen - 6 Things You Need to Know When You Love an Alcoholic/Addict

Msgr. Stuart Swetland - Answers Your Faith Questions

Kevin Lowry - How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming Into the Catholic Church

Steve Ray - Saint Luke Feast Day

Mark Mastroianni - TechTuesday


Monday, Oct. 17

Fr. Robert McTeigue - Worship as Entertainment

Tracie Rademacher - Post-Abortion Healing and Restoration

Fr. Burke Masters - Pope Francis and the Gospel of the Day

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby - Luke: The Gospel of Mercy

Fr. Rocky - Relevant Radio and Immaculate Heart Radio

John Beaulieu - Keep That Fire Burning!

Ashlee Rickert - Choosing Life When Doctors Recommend Otherwise

Morning Air® with John Harper
is designed to inform, inspire, and entertain you as your day gets started, all from a distinctly Catholic perspective. From coverage of breaking news stories and social issues to conversations about parenting and personal finances, we bring a balanced perspective rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Whether it’s a live report from the first responders to a natural disaster, a conversation about bioethics, or parenting tips for the new millennium, you can count on lively discussions about things that matter to you as well as accurate information about the Catholic Church and Her teachings that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Don’t miss “Glen’s Story Corner”, with Glen’s warm delivery of touching, inspiring, and uplifting true stories and parables. You can find Glen's Story Corner transcipts HERE.

Inspiring, informative, funny, touching, and always family-friendly, join us for Morning Air and start your day right.

Father Simon Says™

Father Simon Says™

Mon-Sat 11am-12pm ET
10-11am CT 
(Encore 7-8pm ET / 6-7pm CT)

Live, Toll Free Call-in


Though Father Richard Simon jokingly refers to himself as “Father Know-It-All”, after listening to just one episode of Father Simon Says, you just might be convinced he truly does know it all.  Join Father as he opens each show with a thorough examination of the daily Scripture readings - helping us make connections between Old and New Testament and develop a better appreciation of God’s Word as we journey together through the liturgical year.  Consider it your daily bible study on the radio. Then Father Simon opens the phones and entertains your questions on a wide variety of topics.  In fact, Father Simon Says is the first of three consecutive hours when Relevant Radio gives you direct access to a Catholic priest to ask questions about your faith and the Church.   So join the conversation, ask, learn…and be sure to listen for Father’s Word of the Day to sharpen your vocabulary.  If you wish to grow in faith and become a smarter Catholic, then you should listen to what Father Simon Says! 

The Inner Life™

The Inner Life™

Mon-Sat 12-1pm ET  / 11-12pm CT
(Encore 10-11pm ET / 9-10pm CT)

Best of The Inner Life -
Sat 12-1pm ET  / 11-12pm CT
Sun 12-1pm ET  / 11-12pm CT

Live, Toll Free Call-in

Chuck's hotline: 920-406-7337



The Inner Life™ is what we like to call the world’s largest faith sharing group. It is live, one-on-one Spiritual Direction on the radio. Every day, priests from across the nation join us to help you on your faith journey. Whether times are good or not so good, if you are struggling in your life’s journey and looking for answers, The Inner Life provides time for you to slow down and begin to sort out what God is asking of you.

Go Ask Your Father™

Go Ask Your Father™

Mon-Sat 1-2pm ET / 12-1pm CT

Live, Toll Free Call-in


Do you have a burning question about the Lord, the Church or the Bible? If so, Go Ask Your Father™ is the answer to your prayers. Every weekday afternoon, listeners have the opportunity to ask a priest questions related to Church history, the Bible, the saints, the Vatican, the meaning of specific prayers and traditions and much more. Go Ask Your Father is a radio show that provides listeners with a fresh opportunity to learn and grow in their faith. For an hour each weekday, we have fun, knowledgeable and engaging priests who present solid Catholic answers to listeners’ questions. So the next time you have a burning question and don't know where to turn, just...Go Ask Your Father.

On Call™ with Wendy Wiese

On Call™ with Wendy Wiese

Weekdays 2-3pm ET / 1-2pm CT 
(Encore 4-5am ET / 3-4am CT)

Best of: 
Sat. 2-3pm ET / 1-2pm CT 

Live, Toll Free 1-877-766-3777


Wendy Wiese keeps a variety of professionals On Call™ from an array of specialized fields to support you as you live out your “domestic Church” – helping you to keep your faith at the fore in your everyday life. Focusing on the important issues that families face through the lens of our Catholic faith, you’ll hear topics ranging from Post-Abortion Syndrome, eating disorders, pornography addiction, or substance abuse to Spiritual Direction. Our experts address issues that affect normal, everyday families, and they strive to help our listeners with their own struggles – you are the most important part of the conversation. Tune in for useful information and practical advice from a Catholic perspective.

The Drew Mariani Show™

The Drew Mariani Show™

Weekdays 3-6pm ET / 2-5pm CT 
(Encore 1-4am ET / 12-3am CT)
Best of: Sat. 3-6pm ET / 2-5pm CT
Live, Toll Free 1-877-766-3777
Drew's hotline: 920-406-7336  


Jeff Gardner-ISIS/Mosul Update

Fr. Andrew Small-World Mission Sunday

Dr. Mark Miravalle-Age of Mary series

Peter Grandich-Economy

Bill Mechanic-Hacksaw Ridge

The Drew Mariani Show™ is a current events and news driven program that reaches listeners with down-to-earth sensibility, sharp insight, good humor and intelligence. Tackling the hottest issues of the day, Drew and his guests blend reality with strong Catholic values complemented by sound orthodox teaching. As the world seemingly changes by the minute, it is more important than ever for Catholics to keep a close eye on the culture around us. Whether there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, a new piece of legislation in Congress, a controversial film in theaters or the latest news on the Pro-Life front, Drew will keep listeners up-to-date and give them a place to talk about it every weekday. Energize your drive! Join Drew in the afternoon and experience "life as you've never heard it."Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with Drew Mariani LIVE every weekday at 4pm ET/3pm CT. Call in the studio line with your petitions at 1-877-766-3777.  You can also pray along with us using the Relevant Radio App Audio Prayers feature and on the website by clicking HERE.