Sunday Gospel: Who Do You Say That I Am?

In today’s reading from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus asks His disciples an important question: Who do you say that I am? Peter responds by confessing, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’

Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg of the Archdiocese of Seattle stopped by Morning Air® to discuss this Gospel and reflect on how we answer this question ourselves. He said:

“This is a fundamental question of discipleship. There is a point at which all of us have to answer this question. We say to ourselves, ‘Who is Jesus to me?’ And the way in which we answer that question is going to tell us a lot about what kind of disciple we are going to be.

You see, if we say Jesus is a miracle-worker, then we are going to follow Jesus especially when we need something from Him, especially to fix a problem in our lives. If we say Jesus is a philosopher then we may be very interested in His teaching and we might want to listen to what He has to say and think about it in terms of our own opinion.

But if we confess that Jesus is the Son of God, then that means that every part of our lives must now belong to Him and be guided by Him. His values must form every one of our values. It is no longer a matter of do we agree with Jesus, it’s rather how can I conform my life to Jesus? And that means every part of my life, there is not a single part of my life that is not called to be under the submission of Jesus as the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

So it is very important that we answer that question clearly, and that we then allow our lives to conform to that answer.”

Listen to the full reflection below:

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