Recognizing the Lies Satan Tells You

In the Gospel of John Jesus called the devil the “father of lies” and says that “there is no truth in him.” Genesis tells us how Satan’s lies caused Adam and Eve to fall, and even today the devil is trying to feed you lies about yourself, about others, and about God.

Tommy Tighe, author and Catholic hipster, stopped by Morning Air® to discuss the lies Satan tells us, and how he came to recognize one of Satan’s greatest lies in his own life.

On the lies that Satan tells us, Tighe said, “He’s got plenty that he’s using on us. And they’re working really well, unfortunately.”

As he recently wrote in a column at Angelus News, Tighe explained to host John Harper that the greatest lie the devil tells us is that only what we can see and experience for ourselves is real. And even for those who believe in the spiritual and the eternal, this lie leads us to live in a way where – even though we know heaven is real – we don’t really act like it.

“I think we live quite often as if this life is all that there is, because we can get into this complacency as we go throughout our day,” Tighe explained. “And heaven is this intellectual thing sometimes, where you kind of know heaven exists, but do we feel it and live like heaven exists?”

Tighe shared his own experience of falling for the lies Satan was telling him after he and his wife received the news that their unborn son was likely to die shortly after birth.

“Before our son was born, [the devil] was right there and really had our ear big time. Because we were just full of anger, full of rage, and there was just no trust. It was like everything had been sucked out of me is how it felt. And even being able to pray, I think his ability to lie in my ear about how prayer felt worthless.”

“At the time, it kind of did,” Tighe admitted. “Because I was so spiritually dry that I allowed myself to buy into that. I kind of stepped away from prayer because I felt like, ‘What’s the point? Nothing’s changing.’ It was very easy to fall into that trap.”

Tighe recounted how the day of his son’s birth and death should have been a day of pain, a day that cemented the lies the devil was telling him. But, in fact, it proved to be just the opposite.

“After he was born, that all just melted away completely,” he said. “Because even though it was so painful and it was so hard to be in the hospital, there was this incredible, unconditional love like we’ve never felt before. Like just a perfect, unrepeatable, amazing, incredible love. And it just felt perfect, which is so odd to say in a situation where you are holding this baby who is dying. But we really felt the love of God in that moment. Which completely blew the lid off of everything.”

Tighe shared how it was the act of baptizing his newborn son that brought to the fore the reality of the eternal and the power of grace to overcome even the pain of death.

“That experience was truly mind-blowing for me, because I could feel that something was happening during that baptism,” Tighe said. “I’ve never felt it during any other baptism, where you’re in a church and there’s a bunch of people and the sacramental hoopla where it’s a cultural event. In that moment it was not a cultural event. It was nothing more than a sacrament, and it was so powerful.”

“It felt like that devil’s lie was being melted in that moment. Which was unexpected, because we kind of figured it would be nothing but pain and suffering. But it was so much more than that.”

Listen to the full conversation with Tommy Tighe below:

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