Thank you Celie Harden, Our June 2019 Volunteer of the Month!

Celie Harden is the Parish Ambassador for St. William’s Catholic Church in Round Rock, TX and she is the Relevant Radio® June 2019 Volunteer of the Month!

Celie is a joyful, kind and generous spirit – ready with a lovely smile for all those she meets! Even before becoming a Parish Ambassador, Celie, along with her husband Roger, spent years spreading the word about Relevant Radio. As a dentist, Celie has shared Relevant Radio prayer cards and promotional items with patients and friends, and both Celie and Roger have served as part of the Relevant Radio local regional leadership board, sharing ideas and encouragement. And Celie doesn’t just tell people about her local Austin radio station. On a recent trip to Wisconsin and Michigan, Celie handed out local Relevant Radio station cards to folks she met on the hiking trails!

When Celie heard of the opportunity to become an official Parish Ambassador it made perfect sense – she has been promoting Relevant Radio everywhere she goes for many years!

Sharing why she volunteers for Relevant Radio as a Parish Ambassador, Celie said, “This is the greatest gift I have – my faith! I could do without the house, the career, the stuff – but, not without my faith. So, I think everybody needs to know about it! You can’t lead people to Christ with a lecture – you have to show them the beauty of the truth! Relevant Radio delivers this better than any other outlet. Relevant Radio affirms the good, making it easier to embrace. So, it’s my pleasure to share it with people I meet whenever I can.”

Thank you Celie, and all our Parish Ambassadors, for all you do! Find out how you can volunteer for Relevant Radio, and consider becoming a Parish Ambassador in your community today!