Relevant Radio Associate Honored with Engineer of the Year Award

On Friday, September 11, Chapter 80 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) recognized Martin Jury as the Chapter Engineer of the Year for 2020. Martin “Marty” Jury is the Director of Network Operations for Relevant Radio® in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He serves as the Vice-Chair for SBE Chapter 80.

Marty Jury and Bill Hubbard
Bill Hubbard presents Marty Jury with award at Relevant Radio headquarters

“This is truly an honor that I am so humbled and, frankly, surprised to receive. Especially in 2020, a year when most in my field have to buckle down and just keep driving forward to keep stations on air. You rarely see the work or appreciation,” said Marty.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers is a professional organization for television and radio engineers with over 5,000 members across the United States and around the world. SBE Chapter 80 is made up of engineers in Northeast and Central Wisconsin.

Marty is the longest-serving associate at Relevant Radio, having been with the organization for nearly 18 years. When he started, Relevant Radio wasn’t a network at all—it was just one station in Northeast Wisconsin. It has now expanded to reaching 223 Million souls with 180 stations across the country, 103 of which are owned and operated by the network.

When you hear a special broadcast on-air or see a live video stream on the Relevant Radio digital platforms, Marty is working behind the scenes to get things done. There’s a lot more to broadcast engineering than one might realize—it’s a complicated and delicate system that takes a great deal of work and attention to maintain. Marty and the engineering team do a superb job at keeping things running smoothly.

Bill Hubbard, Chairman of SBE Chapter 80, presented Marty with the award at the Relevant Radio National Headquarters in Wisconsin.

Congratulations, Marty!

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