The Star of Bethlehem

How similar is the ‘Christmas Star of 2020’ to the star of Bethlehem? Cale breaks down the biblical account in Matthew 2 of the magi travelling to see Jesus Christ the King. The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is tomorrow. Did you know that the four Marian dogmas that must be believed by Catholics – the Immaculate Conception; Mary’s perpetual virginity; Mary as Mother of God; the Assumption of Mary – are wrapped up in this apparition?

Cale Clarke is the host of both The Cale Clarke Show and The Faith Explained on Relevant Radio. On The Faith Explained, Cale dives deep into Scriptures, the Catechism and Sacred Tradition to bring an in-depth look at what the Catholic Church Believes. On the Cale Clarke Show, Cale unpacks how a Catholic perspective affects the nitty-gritty of everyday life. He also looks at what's happening in the culture through a Catholic Lens.