The Inner Life January 12th – Post Abortive Healing

Post Abortive Healing. How can those who have been impacted by the pain of abortion find healing? How can we help others to know that God in his infinite mercy, forgive and heal those affected by abortion? Father Ben Cameron joins Chuck Neff to discuss the healing power of God.


Caller Story – She had an abortion, and what helped her heal was finally getting confirmed in the Church.

Caller Story – She didn’t know the evil of the morning after pill until she became Catholic. It was hard for her because she knew she needed to be healed.

Caller Story – She drove a friend to have an abortion because she thought it was loving and helpful, but she was wrong, and regrets it.

Caller Story – She was advised to have an abortion due to the condition of her baby. She had the abortion but has always regretted it.