COVID Relief and Woke Math

  • Hour 1 of 3-10-21
  • The latest on the COVID relief bill constructed by Democrats and not backed by Republicans. How much it is going to help the economy is up for question, and concerns linger about how much this is a progressive dream package. Credit to Sen Rand Paul who fought against the money in the package which was going to Planned Parenthood. Get the specifics on this stimulus and what it means for the GDP. David Ditch expresses his thoughts and concerns.
  • Woke math is coming! Yep, apparently math is now racist. The woke mob claims that the objectivity in math is unfair to African Americans, and is a symbol of “white supremacy.” This is clearly the latest farce and it’s a concern if your kids are in public school. Theresa Farnan, author of “Get Out Now,” talks about the toxic atmosphere in public school systems and how it may impact your kids.
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