Living the Year of St. Joseph as a Family

Pope Francis announced the Year of St. Joseph last December, and Catholics across the world have embraced this year to honor the beloved spouse of the Blessed Virgin and foster father of Christ. In this Month of St. Joseph, there is no better time for your family to begin to really live the Year of St. Joseph.

Lindsay Schlegel, contributor to, wife, and mother to four sons and one daughter, shared some ideas for living the Year of St. Joseph in the domestic church.

“Each year we’ve chosen a saint to be the patron of our family for the year, and this year the pope picked it for us, which was generous of him,” said Schlegel.

She said that her family of seven has entered into the Year of St. Joseph together in several ways. First, they pray daily for his intercession. Her 3-year-old is in charge of praying, “St. Joseph, pray for us!” after each meal prayer.

They have also invited St. Joseph into their home in the form of artwork that depicts St. Joseph as a reminder to call upon his intercession and look to his example throughout the day. “We have something in almost every room so that if there’s a moment where you’re struggling you can look up and see something and maybe reset yourself or if it’s time to take some quiet prayer time there is something there that you can look at and think about,” explained Schlegel.

She said that in an effort to set a good example for their kids, she and her husband have also been reading books about St. Joseph and sharing pieces of what they have learned with their family and friends.

At bedtime, the family prays the Litany of St. Joseph together. The Litany “is exposing them to all the titles of St. Joseph and making them aware of all the things that we can call on his help for.” Schlegel’s favorite title is Terror of Demons.

This is a great way for her four sons to learn about a strong and holy man. Her husband has also been able to provide a great example of Catholic marriage and fatherhood. “[Joseph] lived so many of the virtues so beautifully, and I think especially for a home where there are so many young men growing up, we need St. Joseph to be a really prominent part of our family.”

If your family could benefit from a hardworking, chaste, patient, obedient, prudent, and devoted intercessor, St. Joseph is your guy!

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Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.