Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq

  • Hour 1 of 3-4-21
  • The Holy Father is set to embark on a trip to Iraq! Although many of his advisers have been warning him not to go, he remains committed to making this trip a reality. He loves the people in Iraq and he wants to show them Christ’s example. This is an unprecedented trip, one that was desired to be taken by St. John Paul II! However, concerns about safety, security, and COVID remain on people’s minds. We pray for his safety, and encourage you to remember him in your daily prayers this week. Hear from Dr. Amal Marogy.
  • The Democrats have been trying to get through a very radical voting bill which would change the voting process in so many ways. Republicans have been challenging it, and they believe that it would lead to a destructive outcome. The bill is called HR1, and one of the things it would do would be to allow felons to vote after they have completed their sentence. Learn more about it with Jason Snead.