Satanic sneakers

  • Hour 1 of 3-29-21
  • Drew begins the hour telling you about Holy Week. He also reviews the first day of the Derek Chauvin trial, the police officer involved in the death of George Floyd. The defense makes the case that Floyd died from drugs in his body and not through asphyxiation. The prosecution asserts that Floyd did not try to resist arrest. We’ll continue to follow the latest.
  • The German bishops are going against what the Holy Father said about not blessing same sex couples. The pope recently backed up the Church’s consistent teaching on marriage, and some liberals freaked out. So now, bishops in Germany have stated that they will bless same sex couples. Does this mean there may be a schism? Hear from Carl Olson.
  • Lil Naz X is a rapper who is no stranger to controversy. He has announced that he’s coming out with Satan shoes which have blood in them. Truly evil and disturbing, so how should we respond? Be sure to pray for him, for one. Also, avoid getting these shoes! Fr. Mark Baron gives his insight.
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