Chauvin verdict/Fatherlessness

  • Hour 1 of 4-21-21
  • Glen Lewerenz of Morning Air gives an update on what it’s like in Minnesota after the verdict of Derek Chauvin. He was pleased to see that there was far more peace on the streets than initially expected. As we see the guity verdict of Chuavin played out in real time this week, we pray for him, for the soul of Floyd, for his family, and all who are impacted by this situation. Let’s pray that the dignity of every human being be respected in our world. Hear audio from President Biden and VP Harris as well.
  • Hear from Professor Pat Fagan on the impact of fatherlessness and single family homes. It is astounding to see how much importance is placed on the father when it comes to kids staying in the faith. You’ll hear about some stats which show just how important it is to have intact families, church going fathers, and strong marriages. With the increase of single parent homes right now, it’s not suprising to see the number of children who end up leaving the Church.
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