Chimeras/Working from home

  • Hour 1 of 6-16-21
  • A news roundup on issues pertaining to a Chinese nuclear reaction at a plant. Also, find out what governor is mandating that schools have a moment of silence and prayer. He could be the next president for Republicans! Get the backstory on Juneteenth and hear audio of Nickelodeon going full blown woke on LGBT issues.
  • Chimera research could be increased if a bill is passed. This would fund research for animal-human hybrid creation. It sounds like a weird sci-fi movie but could become reality. And the ethics are certainly worth diving into it. We do that with Wesley Smith.
  • Did you work from home during the pandemic? Is your company requiring you to go back now or will remote work continue? There are many benefits, and employers are finding that productivity is often better when workers are at home. What to expect moving forward? Hear from Brent Orrell.
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