SCOTUS decision/Black Americans/Police/Murder in Chicago

  • Hour 1 of 6-17-21
  • Ed Whelan gives his take on the recent SCOTUS ruling of today, favoring conscience protection and religious freedom for an adoption agency in Philly. He reports to Sheila Liaugminas on what was decided and what it means going forward. More on this in the third hour as well.
  • In order to help black Americans, the family needs to be at the focus. Fatherlessness is an issue ignored by BLM, and they truly could care less about the family. In fact, on their website, it was listed that they “want the nuclear family abolished.” Kendall Qualls knows the truth about family and wants to make a true difference for black Americans in the culture. He is on with Sheila in this hour to talk more about his work.
  • Fr. Dan Brandt, as a police chaplan  in Chicago, knows full well how much violence is a problem in the city. He sees the police force treated with little respect and appreciation, and is disheartned at the lack of Godly living he sees in this urban community. Father explains that until we as a society understand the true horror of abortion, we’ll never be able to curb gun violence. It’s all linked – from womb to tomb.
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