The Inner Life June 25th – Envy and Generosity

Envy and Generosity – Father Carter Griffin joins the Inner Life to discuss the deadly sin of envy and how having a generous heart can be an antidote to having a desire for other people’s accomplishments and material goods.

Caller Story – It helps me when I admit that I am jealous of my friends.

Caller Story – I realized that I was a narcissist.  I was like a 15 year old in a 30 year old body.

Caller Story – Sometimes I’m jealous of my spouse, but getting closer to God. the easier it is to be better.

Caller Story – When I was younger, it was easier to be envious.  Some of these people who I thought was egotistic, had wounds themselves.

Caller Story – It’s hard for me not to envy people who have more money than me.

Caller Story – I go to confession, to help me with my envy and jealousy.  Also, there is a difference between temptation of envy and the actual sin.

Caller Story – I work in the entertainment industry, and there is pressure of wanting to be beautiful and thin and get ahead.  I teach students, and tell them that if they want to be rich and famous, you’re in the wrong business.

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