Father Simon Says – October 25, 2021 – Natural Law

Rom 8:12-17

  • What is natural law?

Lk 13:10-17

  • Who does Luke blame for the woman’s infirmity?

Mass Hysteria:  Will the song I’m listening to stand the test of time?


  • Letter about the offertory prayers; Father talks about addressing God at mass
  • Listener disagrees with Father about the cantor volume at mass

Word of the day: Flesh


  • Caller asks about St. Paul’s comments on the flesh
    • If one were to touch the risen Jesus–would he have felt warm?
  • Caller calls in about Chesterton’s Orthodoxy
  • When did the Mass come to be known as the Mass?
    • James son of Zebedee and James the brother of Christ, is there a difference?
  • Question about mathematician Wolfgang Smith
  • I have non-Catholic friends and my friends ask why Jesus is on the cross when you buy a crucifix
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