Landing Your Dream Job

As young children, we’re told on a regular basis that we can be anything we want and we should chase our dreams. All we have to do is make sure to prepare ourselves well enough for the future. The world is our oyster. But the older we get, the more we hear that we should be more realistic. We should temper our expectations and perhaps we’ll have to settle for a position that we don’t want. But why not both? Why not find a practical, realistic career that we love and go get it?

Recently on Morning Air, John Morales welcomed back career coach Bruce Lachenauer to talk about the 2nd of 12 steps you should follow in pursuing your dream job. Bruce joined John on a previous segment in which he discussed the 1st step. You can listen to that segment here.

Bruce began by discussing the wave of people now experiencing encumbering workloads because of Covid-19. After workforces were cut and employees were forced to stay home, a different type of pandemic also arose: the burnout pandemic. Employees were now having to pick up the slack of coworkers, do damage control, and manage the new environment of having to work from home. Bruce even recalled the story of a 45-year-old man who had a heart attack from all the stress.

That realization that something has to give is leading many to pursue more favorable conditions or even new professions. Right now, the nature of the workforce is changing rapidly, and some are reprioritizing their professional goals.

The first thing you should do, as discussed in the previous segment, is prayerfully discern the next step in your professional career. You cannot go wrong as long as you begin each moment in life by reaching out to God. The Holy Spirit is a powerful guide in making life decisions and we should all take advantage as much as possible. This discernment process should look at what kind of sector, what kind of company, and what kind of position you are interested in.

Then, Bruce says to gather your “marketing materials.” Getting the attention of an employer is merely a matter of marketing yourself the way you would like to be viewed. The tools involved in this process include a comprehensive resume, a LinkedIn profile, and professional social media accounts. These tools should reflect the three reasons you want to work in that sector, the three reasons why you want to work for that company, and the three reasons you would be a valuable addition to that team. Social media’s importance cannot be understated as it can provide job opportunities, connection opportunities, and a look at your personality for employers.

Bruce told the story of how he was talking on the phone with a C-level executive of a mid-sized company and the executive explained how he had been contacted via Instagram. The CEO of another company had direct messaged this executive about a potential job opportunity! Many think of social media as a platform of leisure and it is, but it can also serve as a tool. Virtually every company has social media accounts and it’s yet another way to connect with potential partners or employers.

Bruce made a point of saying that we shouldn’t embellish our strengths or accomplishments in these forums. Make sure to highlight the positives, but don’t exaggerate as that will eventually be exposed. This is especially important for the resume and LinkedIn as things should be honest, attractive, and easy to read for the interviewer. Bruce also recommended including some personal touches here and there to add some dimension. It adds a way for the employer to personally connect with you as an applicant and hopefully, as a future employee.

Bruce will continue to join John on Morning Air in future segments as he explains the next steps to landing your dream job. Make sure to tune in!

Listen to the full discussion below:

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