The Patrick Madrid Show: October 27, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Ken – How do I square my marriage vows with my recent divorce? My wife and I were recently divorced. My wife refused to go to marriage counselling and doesn’t want to go through an annulment process.
  • Pat – Do you think that the good thief went to Purgatory?
  • Mallory – If you are not married in the Catholic Church and get divorced and remarried how does this work?
  • Jean – If people shop at the Salvation Army are they sinning since the S. Army supports abortion?
  • Edna – Question about sexual lawlessness and what situations might be considered lawful.
  • Christina – Why are the souls in Purgatory called the ‘holy souls?’
  • Laura – God is love, based on the last call from Purgatory from yesterday.
  • Maria – Trying to bring my younger brother back to the Church. Can you help?
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