Father Mykhailo Kuzma, reaction of Ukrainians in the United States/Mary Hallon Fiorito, Women’s Health Protection Act/Fr. James Wallace, How we can win our moral battle during Lent

  • Father Mykhailo Kuzma, Pastor of the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church discusses how Ukrainians in the United States are dealing with the invasion by Russia.

  • Attorney, Mary Hallon Fiorito returns to give commentary on the deceptively named Women’s Health Protection Act that will try to codify Roe V Wade into law.

  • Pope Pius XII said, “The greatest sin today is that men have lost the sense of sin.” Fr. James Wallace of St. Paul of the Cross Parish in Park Ridge IL comments on how we need to first be aware of our sin to do penance during Lent.
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