The Patrick Madrid Show: February 02, 2022 – Hour 3

  • Young-onset dementia is especially traumatic and challenging for families to acknowledge, and many physicians fail to recognize it
  • Angela – My dad is cremated but the funeral isn’t till this summer. Can we keep his ashes at home until then?
  • Anthony – Is a rosary valid if it is not blessed?
  • Oscar – Why do dome bibles not have all of the books?
  • Mauricio – Is it ok to go to a non-Catholic wedding ceremony?
  • Michael – Gospel for the feast of the Presentation and reconciling the timeline with the Flight into Egypt.
  • Ethan 7-years-old – If God couldn’t commit a mortal sin, why did he allow the angel of death to kill all of the first born Egyptian sons?
  • Jeff Zucker resigns from CNN
  • Don’t live a double life
  • Rocio – My son committed suicide. He left a baby girl and she says she is scared because she sees her dad. I am worried and not sure what happened to is soul. very concerned.
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