The Incongruence of Being a Pro-Choice Catholic

Recently on The Patrick Madrid Show, first-time listener Vicki called in to the show to discuss her beliefs as a pro-choice Catholic, the recent statements from President Biden, and the comparison of the abortion argument versus the vaccination argument.

For those who may have missed it on Wednesday, President Biden, his forehead marked with ashes, addressed the media about the beginning of Lent. Amongst other things, he said that he’s giving up ice cream for Lent and that he is praying for Ukraine. However, one reporter took the conversation in a different direction.

“Last night, you continued to support Roe v. Wade. As a Catholic, why do you continue to support abortion, defying Church teaching?”

President Biden responded, “I tell you what, I don’t want to get into a debate with you on theology, but you know, well anyway… I’m not going to make a judgment for other people.”

Early in the show, Patrick compared the vaccination argument to the abortion argument by recalling the motto of pro-abortion advocates, “My body, my choice.” To this, Vicki said, “But I don’t think that applies to every situation. It can’t.” Vicki called with the intent to express her opinion that bodily autonomy from the law exists when it supports the rights to abortion, but not when it comes to defying vaccination mandate. She said that while she is not “pro-Biden”, she respects his answer in that he didn’t want to start a debate, and that he refuses to make a decision for other people.

She said Pro-Life Catholics want Biden to “come out and act Catholic” because he’s wearing ashes and is talking about prayer, but his moral standings are between him and God. Patrick reminded her that it was he who chose to wear his Catholicism on his sleeve, address the press about his Lenten habits, and talk about his prayer life. Therefore, it can’t be considered unfair for a reporter to ask a question regarding the dichotomy between his beliefs and the Church’s teachings.

Further, Patrick continued by asking Vicki why she and her husband got the vaccination. She said that people get it to protect themselves and others from contracting COVID-19. Patrick ceded that yes, people do get it for that reason, a noble intention to be sure. However, besides the fact that vaccinated people can still catch and spread the virus, Patrick applied this same protective concept to the abortion argument. If people are willing to say that they’re protecting others through a shot (even though it’s not entirely effective), then why aren’t they willing to truly protect unborn babies in the womb?

“There are many people for whom this is their reason for getting the vaccine, they want to protect other people, but let’s apply the same logic to a woman who’s pregnant. What about the other person who’s inside her? That’s a separate person with separate DNA,” said Patrick. Vicki fell silent.

This double standard can be seen at every turn in the abortion argument. For months now, we have heard from the government that it is imperative that as many people get vaccinated as possible. They have expressed their desire for this through incentives as well as through threats. Mandates on various scales have been attempted at both the state and federal levels, some of which have passed, others of which have been rejected or revoked. But one thing is clear: the government doesn’t mind making decisions for people and their bodies. These are often the same people who hide behind the statement, “I’m not going to make a judgment for other people” when it comes to abortion.

“Do you support the death penalty, Vicki?”


“Why not?”

“Why not? Well, there’s been a lot of cases where things have been proven differently.”

“Do you mean like innocent people being killed?”


“Yeah. So, what about the innocent baby being killed in the womb?”

Patrick is also against the death penalty, but he was trying to get her to recognize the incongruence of her beliefs. Vicki said several times in various ways that she doesn’t believe the issue is black and white. She’s not anti-life or pro-death. She thinks that every situation is different and different guidelines should be proposed depending on the case.

But she fails to ever address the conflicting ideas of her and millions of Americans across the country. They are in favor of adhering to the government’s mandates. They are against the death penalty. And yet, they have a problem with the government telling them that they cannot put an innocent, unborn child to death.

“What do you know about that baby in the womb?” asked Vicki.

“Just that he’s innocent. Just that he’s a human being and that he has a right to life.”

Listen to the full conversation below:

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