The Patrick Madrid Show: April 15, 2022 – Hour 1

Good Friday

  • No Evidence for the ‘Pagan Easter’ Thesis – There’s a popular image that makes its rounds on social media every year about Easter and Ishtar. Let’s put this bad argument to rest for good. – by Jon Sorensen
  • Many Jews are fed up with Christians hosting Passover seders of their own
  • Denise – How to talk with people who are Catholic but advocate pro-choice? (wants to revisit a response you gave to caller on March 10)
  • Megan – Can you clarify what you meant about the angel of death passing over and the connection to our baptism.
  • Michael – You got me started looking at the faith and tomorrow I will be confirmed!
  • Andrea – There are Messianic Jews who follow the old traditions and still believe in Jesus
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