Father Simon Says-August 5, 2022-Taking Up Your Cross

Bible Study (1:56)

NA 2:1, 3; 3:1-3, 6-7

–How the prophet Nahum is not that well-known

MT 16:24-28

–When you could do nothing, trust God and that’s taking up your cross 

Letters (23:20)

Why does the Sea of Galilee have different names like Tiberius? 

Why do we take the Eucharist as often as we do? 

What do you think about clapping for the choir during mass?

Could you comment on the mass graves at Catholic schools in Canada?

Could you add your sacrifices to the sufferings of Christ? 


–Word of the Day: Vine (34:30)


Question about Catholic Politicians and morality? (37:18)

Question about John 6:70-71 and the word “devil” (39:45)

Question about a certain part of the Mass when we say ‘Lord I am not worthy.’ Should I kneel or stand? (42:30)

My 18 year old son stole a lot of money from me. Should I forgive him? How do I forgive him with out reconciliation? (44:58)

Question about Guardian Angels. Do they appear in human form? (48:39)

Father Richard Simon, who jokingly refers to himself as Reverend Know-it-All is the host of Fr. Simon Says on Relevant Radio. Father Simon delves into the daily Scripture readings, shares a Word of the Day to help you sharpen you vocabulary, and opens the phones to your questions about the Faith. After just a few minutes with Father Simon, you might be convinced that he truly does know it all!