Father Simon Says – September 15, 2022 – A Salty Show [Rebroadcast]

1 Kgs 17:7-16

  • Who was Jezebel and why was she significant? 

Mt 5:13-16

  • How does salt really lose its taste? 


  • Where were Mary, Martha, and Lazarus when Jesus was crucified? 
  • Listener: woman should be encouraged to have children, not persuaded to have an abortion
  • Isn’t an argument for abortion, “it would be better that this person hadn’t been born?”
  • Listener gives a comment about leadership in animals
  • I couldn’t make The Walk to Mary, so I walked 13 miles to my mother’s house 
  • Father talks about the reasons for marriage
  • I received rosaries and coins in the mail, what should I do with them? 
  • Jim writes in about the woman who poured nard on Jesus’ feet?
  • My daughter’s religion teacher said “in the quest for wisdom, off topic is on topic.”
  • One of my fellow teachers said she’s dating a woman. What should I do? 
  • Sometimes when I pray, I feel a presence–what is that? 
  • Listener writes in about near death experiences
  • Can I bless or consecrate the family home on my own or do I need a priest? 
  • When my mother was three months pregnant, her water broke, 30 years later, I am here. Abortion was never on the table.
  • I wear a necklace with a precious feet charm, my boss asked me to remove it. Father Comments 

Word of the Day: Zarephath

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