Father Simon Says – September 3, 2022 – Consubstantial?

Bible Study: (1:48)

GAL 1:6-12

  • Which is the only Gospel that calls itself a Gospel? 

LK 10:25-37

  • Why does Jesus ask, “What do you know?” to the rich man? 

Letters (23:35)

  • John discusses why the family is an enemy
  • What are the battles of the angels like? How would pure intellects fight? 
  • Baptism in the Orthodox Church: do they accept Catholic Baptism? 
  • “I tell you make friends with dishonest wealth” what does that mean? 

Word of the Day: Consubstantial (34:58)


  • (38:39) – Can I go to my niece’s wedding? 
  • (44:21) – I found a prayer for blessed bread. Can I use this to bless bread and give communion to my sick child?
  • (46:31) – 1 John 5:16; What is the greatest sin that God will not forgive?
  • (49:50) – My brother ushers at Church but is also security at the Church. Does this fulfill his Sunday obligation?
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