Being a Witness – December 16, 2022

Bible Study: (1:46)

Is 56:1-3a, 6-8

  • Father discusses how science has caught up to faith

Jn 5:33-36

  • Who were Judeans? 
  • What are the works ‘that the Father gave me?’


  • Father discusses returning the tabernacle to its rightful place
  • (24:42) – John writes about the relationship between science and religion
  • (26:35) – Can a priest give absolution if he doesn’t know the language of the penitent
  • (28:36) – Question about the signs that accompany believers 

Word of the Day : Witness (34:32)


  • (36:57) – What evidence do we have that the Church was founded by Christ?
  • (40:44) – I am trying to read the bible cover to cover and in Genesis 6:6 God regretted making human beings.  How could he regret?
  • (44:20) – Did Jesus made carpentry (yoks) that didn’t injure animals?
  • (47:01) – Were Adam and Eve actually immaculately conceived? 
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