The First Mention of the Holy Spirit – December 21, 2022

Bible Study: (2:03)

SG 2:8-14

  • Father discusses what the canon of Scripture is

LK 1:39-45

  • Did the angels tell Mary to go see Elizabeth? 


  • (26:00) – Is the Annunciation the first mention of the Holy Spirit? 
  • (27:30) – I invited a friend who doesn’t  go to mass; should I tell her not to receive Holy Communion? 
  • (24:07) – Jessica asks about a theory that says Moses invented YHWH
  • (29:47) – Question about the third commandment

Word of the Day: Giselle (35:23)


  • (36:51) – Presentation in the Temple; did Joseph take Jesus into the temple by himself?
  • (39:11) – Abraham took Isaac to be sacrificed and took up a lot of stuff with him. It seems like this kind of action was a common thing; was it? 
  • (43:03) – Is there a difference between the saints and angels? 
  • (45:07) – What are Father’s thoughts about The Diary of Elizabeth Kindleman and the Flame of Love Rosary?
  • (47:31) – How do dissenters about the Church’s teaching about homosexuality deal with Biblical teaching about it? 
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