The Patrick Madrid Show: June 30, 2023 – Hour 1

Patrick comments on the Supreme Courts fatal blow to Affirmative Action

  • Jackson’s dissent decries affirmative action decision as ‘tragedy for us all’
  • Donna – Is it a sin if you miss mass because of a sick pet?
  • Mary – Has a friend married in the church and then annulled. She is getting re-married but not in the church. Am allowed to go to her wedding? It is possible that she is not a baptized Catholic.
  • Phil – Affirmative Action: Harvard has a $50 billion endowment, why not expanding the size of the university and allowing more students?
  • Frank – If the Supreme Court’s decision based on meritocracy, do you think college admissions should not also use gender as criteria?
  • Vanna – My husband filed for divorce, and don’t know what to do. Patrick recommends and
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