The Patrick Madrid Show – Will Our Confessed Sins Be Brought Up Again When We Die?

When we die and appear before Jesus, will we be reminded of our sins we already confessed? Will there be a feeling of fear and guilt for our past mistakes?

Patrick explains that during the particular judgment, individuals will see their entire lives, including both their sins and the good things they have done by God’s grace.

He clarifies that going to heaven is not determined by a simple scale of good deeds outweighing bad deeds. Instead, salvation is based on God’s grace, received through faith and cooperation with His grace. Those who trust in Jesus, receive sacraments, and repent will be saved and hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

However, for those who refuse God’s grace and persist in sin without repentance, all their sins will be held against them during the judgment. The consequence for rejecting salvation is the terrifying realization that they could have been saved, but their sins now lead to punishment.

Patrick emphasizes the importance of remaining in a state of grace and regularly turning to God in the Act of Contrition. He shares his own practice of praying the Act of Contrition daily to remind himself of his love for God and to stay close to Him.

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