Is Climate Change Real? (Morning Air)

Have you been feeling worn out by extreme heat in your area? Has the weather been concerning you? Perhaps the wildfires are making you wonder if climate change is the cause.

Chuck Gaidica, a former meteorologist on Detroit television, joins John Morales of Morning Air to give his expert advice on all things weather.

Check out some of his main points.

1. Climate Change vs. Weather Patterns: Chuck cautions against confusing climate change with short-term weather patterns. He explains that the current heat wave could be attributed to a weather pattern, like El Niño, which originates in the Pacific Ocean.

2. Politicized Issue: Chuck notes that the topic of climate change has become highly politicized, making it difficult to discern unbiased information. He highlights that weather events and wildfires are often extrapolated to support specific narratives.

3. Historical Context: Chuck recalls attending a conference on global climate change in the past. He mentions the phrase “extreme extremes,” suggesting that if the Earth’s climate is changing, there could be more intensified and unusual weather events.

4. Natural Factors: The conversation turns to discussing natural factors that contribute to temperature variations. Chuck explains that high-pressure systems, like the dome of high pressure over the United States, can lead to heatwaves due to compression and heating of descending air. He also mentions the influence of El Niño and volcanic eruptions on global temperatures.

5. Volcanic Eruptions: Chuck references a recent underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga that NASA acknowledged could affect Earth’s temperature for several years. He questions why such natural phenomena are often overlooked in favor of focusing solely on human activities.

6. Media Attention: Chuck addresses why certain events, like volcanic eruptions, might not receive mainstream media attention. He suggests that media coverage tends to focus on events with broader impacts or relevance to specific regions.

7. Natural Cycles: Both hosts emphasize the importance of recognizing that natural cycles play a role in climate and weather variations. They urge listeners to consider that today’s extreme events may not necessarily indicate long-term global trends.

Jake Moore serves as a Digital Audio Content Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is passionate about classic movies, Christian music, young adult ministry, and leading this generation to Christ through compelling media. You can listen to more of his podcasts at and on the Relevant Radio® app.