Teutonic Tirade – August 29, 2023

Bible Study: (2:03)

1 Thes 2:1-8

  •  St. Paul teaches us about trust

Mk 6:17-29

  • Father describes the fearlessness of St. John the Baptist 

Teutonic Tirade: Father addresses some controversy regarding Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman. 


  • (26:44) – Psalm 5 translation 
  • (29:53) – Little crown of the Bl. Virgin chaplet 
  • ( 31:01) – Synoptic Gospels and Last Supper

Word of the Day: Passion of John the Baptist (36:19)


  • (38:50) – Since Protestants don’t believe in purgatory, when they die, do some of them still go to purgatory?
  • (40:18) – Mother is considering hospice as she has cancer, but she’s on a GPN, providing nutrients.  She wouldn’t have GPN, if no hospice.   Could you help out?
  • (42:45) – When Jesus, said I give Peter the keys, why plural of ‘keys’?
  • (45:57) – I’m going to a cruise, and will be on a ship on All Saints Day.  What to do for mass?
  • (48:07) – How to have a civil dialogue w/those who disagree.
  • (49:08) – Honor him for all the years he’s been on air  and prayer request for my health
  • (50:38) – In Revelation, he mentions the Nicolaitans and the deeds they do.  Who exactly are they and their deeds?
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