The Patrick Madrid Show: August 22, 2023 – Hour 2

Is Universal Income good or bad?

  • Bill – I am looking into joining the Catholic Church. What is all included in the Profession of Faith that I must believe?
  • Mike – Universal income: People who received checks from the government didn’t need the money and they spent it on frivolous things.
  • Maria – Universal income: I work for the Chicago Fire Department as a medic. We do get more people who Overdose on drugs on the first of the month when their checks come in.
  • Jeff – It seems like we are trying to create the intellect of angels with AI.
  • Peter – Universal Basic Income: there are some people who would cultivate talents that don’t necessarily provide money value. It could also help people pray more.
  • Betty – Universal Basic Income and how it relates to AI: I think we need to take into consideration the current world views that the population is too high and this could be used to lower the population.
  • Paul – Basic Universal income is bad because you would become reliant on the government which would give them more power to control our lives.
  • Saul – You would need to be working to receive Universal income might work.
  • Chris – Are the apparitions of our Lady of Knock just apparitions or were they physically there?
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