Jesus 101: Did Jesus Believe He Was God? (The Faith Explained)

How can we be positive that Jesus knew He was God? Is there evidence to back this up?

In this podcast episode of “The Faith Explained” with Cale Clarke, the series being discussed is “Jesus 101.”

Cale begins by questioning whether Jesus believed he was God and highlights that evidence in the New Testament suggests that other sacred writers, like St. Paul, believed in Jesus’ divinity. The podcast emphasizes the importance of understanding Jesus’ self-understanding regarding his divinity.

Cale mentions the misconception that people only believed in Jesus’ divinity after his resurrection. To counter this idea, Clarke introduces Pinchas Lapide, a Jewish scholar who believes in Jesus’ resurrection but not in his messiahship. This illustrates that a resurrection alone doesn’t necessarily imply divinity.

The podcast also explores other biblical figures who experienced extraordinary events, such as Lazarus, Enoch, and Elijah, to demonstrate that resurrection or unique events do not automatically equate to divinity.

Cale acknowledges that the resurrection does provide additional support for Jesus’ divinity but emphasizes that Jesus’ divinity is rooted in his own statements and teachings. He quotes scholar Dale Allison, who argues that the resurrection confirmed pre-existing beliefs about Jesus rather than transforming his identity.

The podcast then focuses on the Gospel of John, noting that it presents a unique perspective on Jesus’ divinity, with references to Jesus as “the Word” who was both with God and was God from the beginning. Cale also highlights passages from John’s Gospel, including Jesus’ claim, “before Abraham was, I am” and “the Father and I are one,” as clear evidence of Jesus’ self-understanding as divine.

Cale explains that Jesus’ divinity was not a later invention but rooted in his own teachings and is evident in various passages from the New Testament, especially in the Gospel of John.

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