Power & Authority – September 27, 2023

Bible Study: (2:27)

Lk 9:1-6

  • What does it mean that Jesus gives them ‘power and authority’. 
  • What’s the most powerful defense against the enemy? 


  • (22:44) – End of the papacy? 
  • (25:22) – St. John, Mary’s virginity, & Joseph’s virginity 
  • (27:03) – My Lutheran son is looking to become Catholic. Can you recommend a book? 
  • (28:44) – Landowners and the workers 

Word of the Day: Tunic & Fence (33:15)


  • (36:23) – My sister who got a license to marry people. Is that OK? 
  • (40:26) – Question about Mark 3:27; what does it mean? 
  • (43:21) – What’s the scriptural evidence that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity?
  • (47:04) –  Mark 1:15 ‘The Kingdom of hand, repent and believe in the Gospel.’ What Gospel is he talking about?
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